Quality Policy

As a top-class provider of custom-made logistics solutions to the maritime and shipping industry, where the handling and forwarding of client’s ship spare parts that must be delivered on board the vessels at various ports worldwide is required, delivering the highest quality professional service to our customers is fundamental to Swift Marine’s business success.

Swift Marine’s objective is to deliver dedicated optimal logistics solutions that exceeds the expected.

Our power for achieving this, lies with our exceptional employees who are committed to serve the vessels and are strongly supported by technical means and robust systems that are continuously improved.

To implement this policy and maintain our commitment, management and staff will:

▪ Establish, document, implement and maintain a Quality Management System with measurable objectives and targets
▪ Provide the infrastructure and resources needed for quality, including sharing knowledge, training, and an upgrade of skills and experience of our employees
▪ Define and communicate quality responsibilities and authorities
▪ Understand customer requirements prior to commencing any operation
▪ Maintain and improve integrated communication processes and systems
▪ Continually review our quality objectives and the strategies that govern them
▪ Plan and conduct regular audits and management reviews of the quality management system and operating practices to ensure its ongoing suitability, adequacy, effectiveness, and evolution
▪ Meet or exceed customer needs and expectations along with complying with all legal and contractual agreements
▪ Ensure quality issues and non-conformities are resolved through effective, corrective, and preventive actions
▪ Foster a culture of open and honest appraisal and communication of audit results and performance indicators

Swift Marine recognizes that the actual value for its employees, customers and shareholders is bound together with the quality of its services.

This requires the total commitment and cooperation of management and staff.

It is the responsibility of all our members to enhance our reputation as a customer focused company that consistently delivers the highest quality services.