We’re excited to announce several designs and improvements in our latest Navigator upgrade. The new client user interface offers a smoother and more efficient customer experience. Find out more about the new features:

User Settings

Users are allowed to make selections and save their preferences in Navigator. You can set your individual screens and layouts exactly the way you want them to be! Customization allows users to:

  • Add pins 
  • Choose fleet per user  
  • Choose columns 
  • Save filters per user  
  • And more

Grid / List Toggle 

Our new interface provides you with simple intuitive functions. The grid/list toggle button allows you to toggle between grid/list views in orders and dispatches.

  • Grid View 
  • List View  

Search Bar 

We have established new intelligent searching mechanisms with a set of filters that narrow down the scope of a search query and eliminate irrelevant information. You get exactly the information you are looking for!

  • Smart Search 
  • Advance Search


Navigator’s consolidation tool recommends real-time consolidation opportunities. Optimally combines orders and vessels reaching the same final destination, thus increasing efficiency and eliminating costs.

  • Multi Vessels 
  • Same Vessel


Navigator features a new, significantly improved reporting suite. With a highly responsive user interface and a wide selection of visual (logistics performance) reports, it offers more flexibility and power in data analysis.

Features & More

  • Drag & Drop 
  • Refresh Button 
  • Export to Excel button 
  • Copy Paste quick button 
  • Personalized experience 
  • Consolidation tool 
  • New Reporting Suite